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Engineer's Cross Pein Hammer

Non-Sparking, Precision Casted,,Anti-Corrosion
  • Price:

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  • Material:

    Aluminium Bronze Alloy
  • Technology:

    Precision Casted
  • Use:

    The utility model is used for surface leveling, flanging, etc. of metal plates and leather products, and the other end can be used by knocking.
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WEDO TOOLS Products Carry a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. All WEDO tools are guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and materials and will be replaced if found to be deficient providing tools have not been altered or misused. The Insert Bits, Power Bits and Tweezers are not warranted for use.

WEDO Tools Use and Warranty Guidelines:

  • Use tools for their intended applications, screwdrivers should not be used to pry or chisel.
  • Never modify or alter a tool from its original design.
  • Do not use extensions or torque multipliers, this will achieve excessive torque levels and may result in serious injury and premature tool failure.
  • Inspect all tools before use and discard tools that show any signs of visible damage.
  • Do not use tools beyond their intended useful life.
  • Work Safe - always wear appropriate eye and hand protection when using hand tools.

Please send email to our service team ( or call us (+86-22-83680080) if you have questions on direct replacement of tools.

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