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Warranty Policy

WEDO TOOLS Co., Ltd (“WEDO”) represents and warrants to the original purchaser (“Purchaser” or "you") that WEDO's hand tools (“Product”) are free from material defects, including improper or inferior workmanship, materials, and design, during the designated warranty period, and subject to the following terms and conditions, when used normally and in accordance with all operating instructions:


Warranty Articles

1. WEDO, at its option, will repair or replace Products due to defects in workmanship or materials. The repair or replacement of the Products shall be at the election and expense of WEDO, and shall be Customer's sole and exclusive remedy, in lieu of any and all other rights and remedies which Customer may otherwise have. To obtain Warranty service, Customer shall follow the Return of Product procedures set forth in our returning and replacement policies.

2. WEDO Brand torque control tools are warranted for twelve (12) months from date of purchase and up to 5,000 torque cycles (whereafter WEDO recommends re-calibration). Consumable Products are warranted only against defects in workmanship or materials that prevent their use. For purposes of this Warranty, Consumable Products are defined as those Products which are reasonably expected to be used up or damaged during use, including but not limited to drill bits, saw and knife blades, grinding and sanding discs, knife blades, files,chisels,scrapers, sensors and batteries. This Warranty extends only to the original Customer and may not be transferred or assigned to any third party.

Warranty Limitations

3. After tools are used, they cannot be returned for repairing in case of plating peeling, surface scratch, damage of plastic handles, which will not affect their use.

4. The Warranty described above applies only when the Product has been subject to normal use, and does not cover defects or failures resulting from abnormal use, unreasonable use, misuse, abuse, accident, alteration, modification, neglect, lack of maintenance, use after the Product is significantly worn, or when repairs to the Product have been made or attempted by persons other than WEDO(collectively, "Abuse"). By repairing, replacing or providing a refund on a Product, WEDO does not waive a claim that a Product was subject to Abuse.

5. WEDO's gifts and presents are not applicable to warranty policy.

6. After sale, the package materials, stickers, and accessories cannot be exchanged.


WEDO Tools Use Guidelines:

1. General Guidelines

  Use tools for their intended applications, screwdrivers should not be used to pry or chisel.

  Never modify or alter a tool from its original design.

  Do not use extensions or torque multipliers, this will achieve excessive torque levels and may result in serious injury and premature tool failure.

  Inspect all tools before use and discard tools that show any signs of visible damage.

  Do not use tools beyond their intended useful life.

  Work Safe - always wear appropriate eye and hand protection when using hand tools.

2. Non-Sparking Tool Use Guidelines

  Before using non-sparking tools, you should identify gas areas to judge whether the tools are applicable to the gas environments.

  Non-sparking tools should not be used as ordinary tools in the non-dangerous environments. Otherwise, they will lose their performances.

  You should clean oil spots on surfaces of all non-sparking tools.

  After using the tools, you should clean the surfaces of the tools, store them in dry places, and prevent them from corrosive materials.

  You should not strike slogging tools continuously. After each strike, you need to clean chippings and rusts on the striking parts and continue to use the tools. You should pause after striking more than ten times.

  Wrenches should be used in an overloaded way. You should not use casing pipes or other metal sticks to lengthen their arms of force. Besides, You should not use hammers to strike tools (except striking wrenches) for rotating fasteners.

  Tools with blades should be ground slightly against grinding wheels in sinks. You should not grind the tools hard or for too long time.

  Before using striking tools and smashing tools, you should clean sundries onsite and oxides on surfaces of working pieces to prevent strike from other objects.

  You should operate seriously before and after using non-sparking tools no matter what sizes they are. In addition, you should handle the tools gently and should not throw them casually on stones or cement floors.

  When using slogging tools to strike stones, you should dip work pieces into water and carry out the operations.


Contact WEDO

Please send email to our service team or call us if you have questions on our warranty policy.


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